Immigrant Advocates Denounce Time Limit for Asylum Seeker Families on Hotel Stays

New York, NY— Today, it was reported that New York City has placed some asylum-seeking families with children under 28-day stays in hotels over the past three months. After this initial period, these families must reenter the city’s arrival system at the Roosevelt Hotel to receive another housing placement, if available.

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition:

“Moving asylum seekers out of our shelter system and into permanent housing should be the city’s top priority and the solution to alleviate the overburdened shelter system that existed long before our newest neighbors arrived. Instead, the latest limit imposed by Mayor Adams on vulnerable families and children is not only inhumane but also displays a complete lack of compassion or concern for the well-being of our youngest New Yorkers. This new policy shift will make the Adams administration directly responsible for placing children on the streets and accountable for the long-term detrimental consequences of this action on children’s mental and physical health. We urge the administration to adhere to New York’s right to shelter laws and value the lives of every single New Yorker by implementing comprehensive and humane housing solutions—solutions that have proven to be cost-effective, as well as the smart thing to do to ensure the stability of all New York families."