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Immigrant Concerns Training Institute

What We Do

The NYIC’s Immigrant Concerns Training Institute (ICTI) provides high-quality trainings designed to support New York State's nonprofit agencies and legal service providers. We offer a full calendar of continuing legal education (CLE) and non-CLE trainings on topics critical to organizations, social service providers, government employees, and attorneys serving immigrant communities.

Substantive Legal Trainings:

These trainings strengthen the competency of current legal service providers and build the skills and knowledge of non-profit staff seeking DOJ accreditation. Our goal is to help providers build and maintain their competency and effectiveness in providing immigration legal services. Our legal trainings cover a wide range of topics, including family-based immigration, asylum, deportation defense, U&T visas, and many more. The majority of our legal trainings provide Continuing Legal Education credits in New York State.

Department of Justice Recognition and Accreditation:

For those organizations and individuals seeking seeking Department of Justice (DOJ) recognition and accreditation, the ICTI offers several types of support. We provide regular trainings on the eligibility requirements and application process, and additional in-depth legal trainings for individuals seeking accreditation, or accredited representatives seeking to refresh their skills and knowledge. Together, these sessions allow organizations to build up their capacity to provide immigration legal services.

Non-legal trainings:

In addition to trainings focused on immigration legal representatives, the ICTI also offers non-legal trainings designed to support service providers and advocates within our member organizations.

Technical support:

As a part of our legal trainings, the ICTI offers technical support to attorneys and accredited representatives, and makes referrals to member organizations.

Upcoming Trainings:

Click here to view our training calendar.

Training Registration & Policies:

Who can attend trainings by the Immigrant Concerns Training Institute?

Eligibility for non-legal trainings is on a training-by-training basis, and will be explained in all posted registration materials. The information that follows applies specifically to legal trainings.

ICTI’s immigration legal trainings are open to the following:

  • Staff and volunteers of NYIC members
  • Staff and volunteers of New York-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations
  • Private attorneys based in New York State
  • Government attorneys based in New York State

How do I register for trainings?

Registration for upcoming trainings can be accessed through the Immigrant Concerns Training Institute training calendar. After you complete the online registration form, you must email the following documentation to [email protected].

  1. Proof of employment: If you wish to register to attend a training on behalf of your employer, you must submit a letter on agency letterhead or originating from an agency supervisor email account verifying that you are an employee or volunteer of the agency and that you are authorized to attend the training(s). This letter must be signed by the agency’s office manager, director, or managing attorney. If you are a private attorney, you must send your attorney registration number.
  2. Proof of Federal Tax-Exempt Status: 501(c)(3) organizations submitting registration forms on behalf of staff to attend trainings must submit a copy of their IRS 501(c)(3) letter, if it is not already on file with the NYIC.
  3. Attestation Concerning the Practice of Law: If you are not an attorney or a DOJ accredited representative, you must submit the NYIC’s attestation form, signed by your supervisor. The purpose of this form is to ensure that attendees and their employers understand what constitutes the “practice of law” and to verify that attendees of ICTI Trainings are not engaging in the unauthorized practice of law and will not do so in the future.

Your registration is not complete until both the online registration form and the additional documentation are submitted. You will receive a confirmation email upon completing the registration process.

The NYIC will not knowingly accept registration to attend immigration legal trainings from any person who provides legal representation without authorization pursuant to 8 CFR Part 292, such as “immigration consultants” and “notarios.”

If you have questions about training registration, please email [email protected]

Can I register after the registration deadline has passed?

There is a $30 fee to register for an ICTI training after the registration period closes. The NYIC maintains the right to refuse late registrants.

How do I access the training materials?

The NYIC will email training materials at least one day in advance of the training to participants registered for both the in-person and webinar trainings. If training participants want a hard copy of the training materials, they must print their own materials. The NYIC does not provide printed materials at the training.

Where do the trainings take place?

Unless otherwise noted, in-person trainings are held at the New York Immigration Coalition’s midtown Manhattan office:

131 West 33rd Street, Suite 610 New York, NY 10001

Please arrive 15 minutes before the training begins.

For those participating remotely, webinar conference information and instructions will be emailed to you prior to the training. You will want to ensure you are able to connect to both the screen and audio of the web conference.

Can I cancel my registration?

Registration fees are refundable until 24 hours before the training. A processing fee will apply to all refunds. Registration fees cannot be refunded for day-of absences or cancellations. Please email [email protected] for cancellations or refunds.

What if I can’t afford a training?

If you or your organization are unable to cover the full cost of a training, the New York Immigration Coalition may be able to offer a fee reduction or waiver. Please email [email protected] for a copy of our financial aid policy and fee reduction/waiver request form.

What if I have other questions?

For any additional questions, please contact [email protected].

Need legal assistance?

Call the NYS Immigration Hotline at 1-800-566-7636 or view our directory of service providers here