Health Collaborative

The New York Immigration Coalition Health Collaborative is a nationally recognized initiative that brings together the NYIC’s community-based member organizations (CBOs) and other allies concerned about immigrant health in New York State. Members of the Health Collaborative include New York State of Health Navigators, advocates, clinicians, and others who serve immigrant communities by improving immigrants’ access to health care and health insurance through community education, capacity building and leadership development, and system-level advocacy.

The mission of the Health Collaborative is to advance immigrant health by convening statewide partners to share information, build networks, and advocate for improved health access.

The work of the health collaborative is informed by the values of fostering inclusion, driving community engagement, engaging in multi-sectoral work, uplifting immigrant voices, bringing immigrants to the table, and responding to the needs of multiple constituencies.

Since 2001, the Health Collaborative has worked strategically to expand immigrants’ access to quality, affordable health care by determining and monitoring barriers to accessing health care, working with providers and policymakers to reform practices and policies, and building the capacity of community groups to assist their immigrant constituents to navigate the healthcare system.