The NYIC Education team advocates for a quality education for New York's immigrant youth. Through our NYIC Education Collaborative and our allies, we fight to support children with developing English proficiency, facilitate meaningful immigrant family engagement, pass the DREAM Act, foster youth empowerment and ensure that schools are welcoming to immigrant families.

  • The NYIC Education Collaborative convenes grassroots immigrant Community Based Organizations, advocates, and practitioners to identify challenges that immigrant youth and families face in New York’s schools. We work together to identify solutions and engage officials to improve educational outcomes for our youth. In addition to our own Collaborative, we represent immigrant students through other education coalitions.
  • The NYIC education program is a pioneering initiative with a track record of major wins. These successes range from an increased funding weight for English Language Learners in the state's key school funding formula and $13 million of funding for English Language Learners in New York City schools to sweeping improvements to language access for immigrant parents.

Featured Stories and Campaigns

DOE Letter to Chancellor, COVID-19

Today, the Education Collaborative addressed the following letter to the DOE Chancellor—read the full letter here.
Immigrant families are in crisis ...

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"43% and Growing" Report

This report identifies the pressing need to invest in educational resources for emergent multilingual learners (EMLLs) and their families in New York. ...

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LIFE Project Report

Since 2018, Fifth Avenue Committee, LSA Family Health Service and Masa have, through the NYIC's LIFE Project, empowered immigrant families to enroll in ...

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