Supporting Immigration Services

The NYIC Immigrant Services Support team develops and implements unique, community-based initiatives and campaigns to engage, empower, and holistically integrate immigrant communities in New York. These currently include the NYIC's Key to the City Initiative, adult literacy education policy campaigns, and immigrant rights community education trainings since the 2016 federal election.

  • Key to the City brings critical services to immigrant neighborhoods throughout New York City. We partner with trusted spaces like schools and libraries to connect communities to the resources and services that exist in their area and are available free of charge. These services include but are not limited to immigration legal consultations, health resources, social services, workshops, and referrals. Since 2011, Key to the City has served over 60,000 New Yorkers from 75 countries.
  • The NYIC's Immigrant Services Support team has worked to develop unique community education tools and resources in multiple languages to raise immigrant awareness of vital rights and services, and ensure that immigrant communities are equipped with resources to best prepare and protect themselves.