Immigrant Advocates Denounce City’s New Roadblocks to Shelter

New York, NY—Today, the Adams administration announced that single adult men asylum seekers who apply for the first time, or who reapply for shelter after their previous 60-day limit, will have a 30-day limit for their shelter placement.

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition:

“Staying in a shelter is nobody’s idea of home, but rather a necessity until unhoused individuals and families can get on their feet. Instead of complicating an already arduous system— Mayor Adam’s should instead alleviate the shelter crisis by getting both long-term shelter residents and asylum seekers into permanent housing using CityFHEPS vouchers, which will ultimately save the city $3 billion dollars per year. Doubling down on bad ideas, and making vulnerable people jump through bureaucratic hoops in order to wear them down is just cold-hearted – and does nothing to solve our shelter crisis. This is not the type of leadership we expect from the Mayor of New York City.”