Civic Engagement Collaborative

The Civic Engagement Collaborative empowers immigrant communities by engaging in:
  • Voter registration;
  • Civic participation issues;
  • Advocacy;
  • Outreach;
  • Events; and
  • Trainings

Some of the issues the Collaborative works on include language access, participatory budgeting, resident equity voting rights and access, immigrant representation, campaign finance reform, Board of Elections reform, and justice for immigrant job-seekers. For information about Our City, Our Vote, our campaign to expand municipal voting rights for immigrants living in New York City, please visit our campaign page.

Efforts of the Collaborative focus on various parts of New York State where immigrant communities are most impacted. Members and allies of the New York Immigration Coalition are encouraged to join the Civic Engagement Collaborative.

To join the Civic Engagement Collaborative, please fill out our form.

Join the Civic Engagement Collaborative

For more information on the Civic Engagement Collaborative, please contact our Senior Manager of Civic Engagement, Wennie Chin, at