NYIC volunteers currently support the following types of activities:

  • community outreach (e.g., flyering, phone banking)
  • event logistics (e.g., registration, ushering)
  • language access support (e.g., interpretation and/or translation)
  • organizing (e.g, serving as marshals at rallies and marches)
  • legal screenings and consultations
  • photography

People interested in volunteering with the NYIC must:

  • be 18 years of age;
  • fill out a NYIC Volunteer Form;
  • and attend a NYIC volunteer orientation (you will be able to schedule this when you fill out the NYIC Volunteer Form).

NYIC Volunteer Form

Join our Key to the City (KTTC) Volunteer Cohort of Spanish interpreters supporting legal consultations at KTTC Community Resource Fairs!

KTTC Volunteer Cohort Application