The NYIC Health program is dedicated to improving immigrant health by increasing access to health coverage and care and strengthening capacity within immigrant-serving community organizations to help overcome barriers to care. We advance this work through the NYIC Health Collaborative, a coalition of statewide partners that share information, build networks, and advocate for improved health access.

  • Immigrant health coverage has advanced over the years, but many restrictions remain, leaving hundreds of thousands of immigrant New Yorkers without affordable, comprehensive coverage.
  • Everyone deserves access to affordable health care, regardless of immigration or insurance status. Preserving and growing New York State’s health care safety net is a necessary public investment that is good for all New Yorkers.
  • New York State guarantees many health care rights, including language access and financial assistance. When New Yorkers know their rights, they are better able to get the help they need.
  • Immigrants are especially vulnerable to the negative impacts of a costly and inefficient health care system. We are working to ensure that ongoing efforts to improve the efficiency and quality of health care also benefit immigrant communities.