Immigrant Advocates Condemn Flyers Discouraging Asylum Seekers From Coming To New York City

New York, NY—Yesterday, Mayor Adams’ administration announced that it plans to distribute new flyers at the United States southern border, in addition to shelters and intake shelters to discourage asylum seekers from coming to New York City. This marks the second time the Adams administration has produced flyers on the same matter and blatantly distributed misinformation.

Theodore A. Moore, Vice President of Policy and Programs, New York Immigration Coalition:

“Just over a year ago, Mayor Adams himself touted the legacy of what makes New York special as our history of welcoming immigrants and the crucial role immigrants have played in building this city. Yet, once again, the Mayor has done an about face. The recent flyers the Adams administration plans to distribute at the southern border, and New York City shelters and intake centers are another example of Mayor Adams’ outrageous and short-sighted behavior that completely fails to acknowledge the problem the city is facing as an affordability crisis. Instead of investing in humane policies that will ease our overburdened shelter system and lead our newest New Yorkers to permanent housing and self-sufficiency by expanding CityFHEPS vouchers, the Adams administration is wasting time and resources on diversion tactics that will continue to scapegoat immigrants for the city’s affordability crisis. The Adams administration knows what the solution needs to be, but it refuses to implement it.”