New York for All

All New Yorkers deserve to feel safe taking their kids to school, picking up groceries, or going to work—but for years, New York’s immigrant communities have been targeted and terrorized by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Between 2016-2018, the rate of ICE arrests in New York City increased by 53%, outpacing the nationwide rate increase of 44%—serving to intensify fear in immigrant communities and erode trust in local law enforcement.

ICE routinely solicits information from state and local officials and law enforcement in support of its xenophobic deportation machine. But we’re fighting to keep families together and to end ICE’s collusion with local law enforcement across the state by advocating for the New York for All Act (S.03076/A.02328).

The legislation prohibits New York’s state and local government agencies, including police and sheriffs, from colluding with ICE, disclosing sensitive information, and diverting personnel or other resources to further federal immigration enforcement. By passing the New York for All Act, we’ll be one step closer to cultivating safe and vibrant communities for all New Yorkers, regardless of status.

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