In Unprecedented Power Grab, ICE Strips Protections from Immigrants

New York, NY-Under an expanded Department of Homeland Security (DHS) expedited removal policy, any individual anywhere in the country can be deported in as quickly as a day and with no due process. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials will be able to utilize the policy once they complete a mandatory training course.

Dismantle the BOE! New Yorkers Deserve a Functional Democracy

New York, NY-Five weeks ahead of Election Day, there are widespread reports of absentee ballots sent to New York City voters with incorrect names and addresses. Thus far, the ballot errors appear to be concentrated in Brooklyn, a borough of 2.6 million people whose borough elections board has a track record of mismanaging elections.

Even Trump’s Undocumented Employees Pay More Taxes than He Does

New York, NY—Following the bombshell, but unsurprising, report exposing President Trump’s taxes, an undocumented former employee of the President drew a devastating comparison between the amount of taxes she pays regularly and the $750 Trump paid in 2016. Sandra Diaz, who was undocumented when working for President Trump, also highlighted that many of President Trump’s undocumented workers pay more in taxes than he does.

Immigrant Advocates Denounce Republican’s Last-Minute Effort to Fill Justice Ginsburg’s Seat

New York, NY—According to people close to the process, on Saturday evening, President Trump is expected to announce Judge Amy Coney Barrett as his choice to replace US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away one week ago. Appointed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago by President Trump in 2017, Judge Barrett has demonstrated a commitment to Trump’s extremist agenda, including voting to uphold Trump’s shameful anti-immigrant public charge rule.