Biden Administration Must Swiftly End Remain in Mexico Program After SCOTUS Certification, NYIC Demands

New York, NY—Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States formally certified its judgment in Biden v. Texas and transmitted it to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, enabling the Biden administration to officially end the Remain in Mexico program. The New York Immigration Coalition demands that the Biden administration move swiftly to issue guidance on its plans to end the Remain in Mexico program and restore asylum for all.

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition:

“Yesterday’s Supreme Court certification for Biden v. Texas has opened the door for equitable asylum practices to be restored, making the Biden administration’s lack of action in formally ending the Remain in Mexico program all the more apparent and appalling. To continue enforcing a discriminatory and racist Trump-era policy even after given clearance by the Supreme Court to end it is to needlessly jeopardize people’s lives and families’ safety for no justifiable reason. As lives continue to be lost at the border in pursuit of refuge, the Biden administration has a moral and humanitarian obligation to end this cruel program. It’s time for the Biden administration to honor its promise to protect asylum seekers in the United States and end Remain in Mexico immediately.”