NY Immigrant Advocates Caution That Biden Can’t Build Back Better Without Immigrants and Essential Workers

New York, NY-Immigrant Advocates respond to President Biden’s infrastructure proposal, Build Back Better. 

Anu Joshi, Vice President of Policy for the New York Immigration Coalition:

“Yesterday, President Biden unveiled a bold proposal to rebuild the American economy with deep investments in infrastructure and jobs creation, but it stopped short of being transformative. The President’s failure to include immigrants, who remain the backbone of our workforce, especially during this pandemic, shortchanges the country’s economic recovery. A pathway to citizenship for the five million undocumented immigrants across the country and one million New Yorkers, who have kept us fed, safe, and healthy, would ensure our essential workers, DACA and TPS holders had the security they needed to continue to support our health and economic growth after this devastating pandemic. Our communities have America’s back. It’s time America includes us in its plans for the future. Every member of Congress in New York with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer leading the way must fight for the inclusion of our DACA and TPS Recipients and Essential Workers in the next COVID recovery bill or risk handicapping America’s future.”