“Welcome to Healthcare” Poster for Immigrants in NY State

May 16th, 2017
“Welcome to Healthcare” Poster for Immigrants in NY State

We are excited to let you know about new health resources that are available through the New York Immigration Coalition and the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP)!

The NYIC has partnered with CUP to create “Welcome to Healthcare”, a user-friendly educational foldout poster to help immigrant New Yorkers and their families understand their health care options. The poster is part of Making Policy Public, CUP’s series that uses graphic design to explore and explain public policy.

Welcome to Healthcare tackles the complex nature of immigrant eligibility for health coverage and provides information that immigrant New Yorkers need to access health services and receive language and financial assistance. It also explains eligibility rules for different types of health care coverage based on immigration status. The poster is currently available in English and Spanish. In addition, assures immigrants that health care providers will not report their patients’ status to Immigration and Customs Enforcement or US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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