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Organizations providing legal support to entrepreneurs


Microenterprise Project - VOLS - Volunteers of Legal Service

The VOLS Microenterprise Project helps existing and aspiring small business owners and microentrepreneurs access high-quality free legal services from our dedicated staff and our network of pro bono lawyers.

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Community Development Project - The Legal Aid Society

The Community Development Project (CDP) provides targeted support to small business owners, nonprofit organizations, and Housing Development Fund Companies (HDFCs) in New York City. They offer advice on selecting the right legal structure, developing a board of directors, writing corporate bylaws, and additional services related to establishing, maintaining, and growing businesses owned by low income individuals in our communities.

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Start Small Think Big

Start Small Think Big is a nonprofit that supports Black, Brown, people of color, LGBTQIA+, immigrants, veterans, people with disabilities, women, and/or low-to-moderate income small business owners, so that they can create thriving businesses. They connect small business owners to legal, finance, and marketing professionals who provide their expertise for free.

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Other Legal Resources:

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