DHS Proposed New Asylum Rule & Policy Updates Harm Vulnerable Immigrants, Do Little to Create Fair & Orderly Immigration System

New York, NY—Today, the Department of Homeland Security published a proposed new rule impacting our humanitarian policy system. This rule would permit Asylum Officers to consider bars to asylum during the initial screening process, which occurs just days after an individual is encountered. The Department also announced changes to policy guidance affecting people’s ability to seek asylum.

Murad Awawdeh, President and CEO, New York Immigration Coalition:

“The Biden administration’s proposed rule, accompanied by changes to policy guidance, is alarming and a setback to our humanitarian commitments. These are not small or insignificant changes. They will limit people’s ability to access safety when they are most vulnerable and will have long term consequences on their ability to live with security in this country. The policy change allowing the use of classified information at any stage in immigration proceedings has the potential to be weaponized against Black and Brown communities, Muslims, and others, in ways reminiscent of the aftermath of 9/11. Rather than double down on an enforcement-only approach that has failed for decades, now is the time to act with courage and urgency to meet the needs of our current reality with solutions that work. We must move past the dysfunction of the past 30 years and work together to create a fair and orderly immigration system that includes a pathway to status for all those who call America home, while welcoming people with dignity."