Advocates Urge Washington to Prioritize Humane Immigration Solutions Over Failed Border Bill

New York, NY—Today, the Senate held a procedural vote and failed to meet the 60 votes required to pass the bipartisan border security legislation, the Border Act. This legislation had previously been blocked by Republicans in February due to influence from former President Donald Trump.

The proposed legislation would have authorized temporary closures of the border to people seeking safety, further restricted fair and meaningful access to asylum, and fast tracked the process to deport people asking for asylum at the border without due process, among other measures.

Murad Awawdeh, President and CEO, New York Immigration Coalition:

“The failed border bill was an unnecessary effort to normalize deterrence-based measures instead of practical solutions proven to work. The choice is simple: the Senate can put on the table real proposals that actually maintain access to asylum and advance humane and orderly border management or keep up a charade designed only to score cheap political points at the expense of vulnerable people seeking safety. Americans need real proposals that recognize the value of investing in access to safe and legal pathways for immigration; addressing root causes that compel people to leave their countries for refuge; and working in coordination with regional governments and civil society to strengthen humanitarian protection systems and development and integration efforts. These are the smart and strategic solutions that our outdated immigration system requires, but this bill offered none of these.”