City Council Fights Back Against Mayor’s Austerity Budget Proposal, Stands Up for Immigrant NYers

New York, NY—Today, the New York City Council released their response to Mayor Adams’ preliminary budget for FY25. 

Murad Awawdeh, President and CEO, New York Immigration Coalition:

“Today, the City Council stood up for all New Yorkers in response to the Mayor’s consistent attacks on immigrant communities and working families. We are heartened by the Council’s firm response to the Mayor’s fear-mongering and budget mismanagement – creating an inclusive and welcoming New York is a prudent financial decision that safeguards our city’s future. 

“By increasing investments in baseline immigration legal services and calling for significant service enhancements, the Council has taken crucial steps to ensure that New York families can stay together, and that our newest neighbors can get on the pathway to self-sufficiency. The Council’s response recognizes the importance of multigenerational education, with necessary expansions to the Promise NYC child care program, adult education, early childhood outreach to help families apply to Pre-K and 3-K, and full restorations to the massive cuts to the Pre-K and 3-K systems the Mayor proposed this year. Investments in translation and interpretation and bilingual staff in public schools will give our young people a better chance to get the quality education that every child deserves. Likewise, the proposed restoration to expand the community interpreter bank and language services worker cooperatives will allow our diverse communities to access critical government services no matter what language they speak. However, the Council can go further and realize the full potential of CityFHEPS housing vouchers by expanding access to New Yorkers regardless of immigration status. We know that when we invest in our people, we invest in a brighter future for all New Yorkers. We look forward to building on this work, and creating a City where everyone who calls it home can thrive.”