Fast Facts on the US-Mexico Border

The Biden administration and Congress are proposing draconian measures that would create a government-mandated asylum ban. These proposals are so extreme that even Border officials recognize that they will create more chaos at the southern border while failing to address the structural issues at hand. Our nation has an obligation to uphold its commitment to its humanitarian values and ensure the safety of all communities seeking protection within our borders. We must invest in strategic and humane actions that will help alleviate pressure at the southern border. We must prioritize fair and efficient treatment for asylum seekers. And we must reform the country’s immigration system by creating pathways to legalization and permanence for both newly arrived asylum seekers and established immigrant communities. 

Rolling back asylum is counterproductive:

FACT: Border crossings are down.

  • In January, border crossings from Mexico into the U.S. decreased by 50%.  
  • Arrests for border crossings are down 37% in Tucson, Arizona, 60% in the Rio Grande Valley and 76% in the Del Rio sector. 
  • These figures highlight that border crossings can be stabilized without the draconian measures being considered by President Biden and Congress. 

FACT: Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)’s detention facilities are inhumane and a financial drain.

FACT: Police and military presence at the border is dangerous and lethal.

  • A mother and her two children recently drowned in the Rio Grande after life-saving efforts were prevented by Operation Lone Star (Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s state-wide border control campaign). 
  • ICE’s 287(g) program allows local law enforcement agencies to carry out border control duties in place of ICE. In 2022, an ACLU report found that 77% of jails and prisons participating in this program have a history of unsafe living conditions and violence against detainees. 

FACT: Immigration is good for the economy.