150 NY Immigrant Rights Advocates Rallied in Washington, Urged Biden, Schumer, and U.S. Senate to Reject Draconian Anti-Immigrant Proposals

Washington, D.C.—Today, the New York Immigration Coalition, alongside 150 New York immigrant advocates and impacted people, headed to Washington, D.C., and rallied with national and local organizations to urge President Biden, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and the U.S. Senate to protect immigrant communities and reject anti-immigrant proposals from being included in the $116 million supplemental aid package for Ukraine.

With negotiations regarding the country’s border policies set to continue this week in the Senate, the GOP is doing everything in its power to secure a deal on making dangerous changes to immigration policies and the asylum process in exchange for passing the supplemental budget.

Photos (credit: Oscar B. Castillo) and videos are available here

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition:
“The GOP continues to hold the country hostage to its extremist, anti-immigrant agenda. Throughout history, our country has been a place of refuge for people fleeing persecution, violence, war, and human rights violations around the world. But right now, the Senate is considering proposals that would permanently gut our asylum system, terrorize our immigrant neighbors and families, and in turn, scare people from seeking critical protection. Turning our backs on those seeking refuge at the southern border today is a betrayal of the ideals that represent the best of our country. The White House and Senate cannot and must not capitulate to the demands of those not interested in providing real, humane solutions to the challenges this nation faces. While some elected officials take photo ops on the border, everyday workers brace for the impact of a government shutdown. We urge Majority Leader Schumer to reject these cruel proposals in favor of advancing safer and more humane policies that support the rights of asylum seekers and established immigrant communities, promoting effective solutions that uphold our country’s values.”

Participating organizations include: ACLU, Amnesty International USA, African Communities Together, Cabrini Immigration Services,Caribbean Equality Project, CASA, Churches United for Fair Housing, Community Change Action, Haitian Bridge Alliance, Her Migrant Hub, HIAS, Human Rights First, Immigrant Defenders Law Center (ImmDef), Immigration Hub, Jesuit Refugee Service/USA, Justice Action Center, Justice for Migrant Families, Make the Road Connecticut, Make the Road Nevada, Make the Road New Jersey, MinKwon, MoveOn, Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center, International Mayan League, National Immigration Law Center, Neighbor’s Link, New York Immigration Coalition, People’s Theater Project, Queer Detainee Empowerment Project, Refugee Service/USA Justice Action Center, Rural and Migrant Ministry, Syracuse Immigrant Refugee Defense Network, Tahirih Justice Center, Vera Institute of Justice, Wind of the Spirit Immigrant Resource Center (NJ), Women’s Refugee Commission, and #WelcomeWithDignity Campaign.