Immigrant Rights Advocates Condemn NYS Legislators for Failure to Pass New York For All

The New York for All Act would prohibit local law enforcement and state agencies from colluding with federal immigration agencies 

New York—The New York State Legislative session is coming to a close, without leaders bringing the New York For All Act (S.987 Gounardes / A.5686 Reyes) forward for floor votes in the Senate or Assembly. This legislation would have protected immigrant communities and all New Yorkers by prohibiting local law enforcement and state agencies from conspiring with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). Ending this collusion would have allowed immigrant New Yorkers to go about their daily lives without fear that something as simple as a traffic stop or calling 911 in an emergency could result in being ripped away from their families. This builds trust between government and the communities it serves, and allows our local economies to flourish by letting people feel safe to participate in daily life.

The New York For All Act had 62 co-sponsors in the Assembly, and 32 co-sponsors in the Senate.

The campaign released the following statement:

“Once again, Albany has chosen political convenience over protecting New York families by failing to move forward the New York For All Act (A.5685/S.987). The bill had strong support in both houses and had widespread backing from labor and local elected officials across New York State. The lack of political courage and moral leadership in Albany – and the failure to take a bold stand in the face of rising xenophobia – means that New York’s immigrant communities will continue to live with the threat that any encounter with government agencies can result in separation from their families. Our State’s businesses — from dairy farms to restaurants — will also continue to grapple with how they will replace experienced workers due to the collusion between ICE and local law enforcement. All New Yorkers deserve better, which is why we will continue to fight for the New York for All Act to ensure the safety and protection of every New York family.”