Albany’s Fails to Pass Legislation Critical to the Well-Being of Immigrant New Yorkers

New York—Today, the New York State Legislative session came to a close with the end of the Assembly’s extended session, without passage of four critical bills that would have advanced rights and protections for immigrant New Yorkers. The Coverage for All Act (S2237A Rivera / A3020A Gonzalez-Rojas) and the Language Access Expansion Act (S3383-A Kennedy / A7235 De Los Santos) had both passed the Senate, but failed to make it through the Assembly. The Access to Representation Act (S81B Hoylman-Sigal / A1961A Cruz) was funded in the budget but did not make it for a vote in either house, and there was no movement in either house on the New York For All Act (S987 Gounardes / A5686 Reyes).

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition:

“This year, Albany lacked the political courage to do what is right not only for immigrant New Yorkers, but all New Yorkers. Our labor continues to be a crucial part of New York’s economic engine and when our families are struggling, so is New York. It’s deeply disappointing that Albany failed immigrant New Yorkers in their time of need, when xenophobic attacks and anti-immigrant sentiment are rising across the state. Passage of common-sense legislation that would have kept our families together, protected the health of New York’s workforce, ensured equity in our legal system by allowing access to pro-bono attorneys in immigration court and expanded equal access to government information and resources all stalled. We expect more from our lawmakers and will be back next legislative session to ensure that every New York family, no matter their immigration status, can live in safety and thrive.”