Immigrant Advocates Commend City Council Advances Towards Inclusive Budget as Important First Step

New York, NY—Yesterday, the New York City Council released their response to Mayor Adams’ preliminary budget for fiscal year 2024. 

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition:

“The New York City Council’s response to the Mayor’s preliminary budget is an important rebuke of the Mayor’s austerity measures and a first step in ensuring the vitality and wellbeing of all of New York City’s communities. Restoring cuts to 3K, creating pay parity for 3K and Pre-K, and restoring adult literacy funding, are all vital to ensure all New Yorkers, regardless of age, can receive a quality education. We also applaud the restoration and investment in our City’s libraries, as they are not only pillars of our communities, but their buildings are where many essential service programs are held. The proposed investment in the CityPHEPS program will help transition families out of the city’s overburdened shelters to permanent housing. However we must continue to stress the need for  expansion of this and other voucher programs to all people in shelters and HERRCs regardless of their immigration status. The proposed renewal of Promise NYC funding is crucial but must be increased to ensure all New Yorkers can access childcare. Additionally, the Council’s support for language access expansion, specifically the community interpreter bank and language services worker cooperatives for African, Asian, and Indigenous Central & South Americans languages of limited diffusion, is vital to ensuring that all New Yorkers can access services in their preferred languages. We look forward to building on this foundation by adding additional resources in the final budget, to ensure that our immigrant families’ needs are met, and that they can live their fullest lives in New York.”