Immigrant Advocates Denounce Biden & Trudeau’s Plan to Turn Away Asylum Seekers as Unfathomably Cruel

New York, NY — Today, the United States and Canada reached a joint agreement to limit the entry of asylum seekers at their borders. This came after reports of asylum seekers entering Canada via unofficial points of entry, such as Roxham Road, along the northern border of the United States. The New York Immigration Coalition strongly denounces this decision, which recklessly endangers the lives of asylum seekers, while demanding expanded protections for asylum seekers.

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition:

“Asylum seekers flee violent conditions to build better futures for themselves and their families—they undergo extreme journeys across thousands of miles in search of safety and relief. To now restrict the movement of asylum seekers is to recklessly endanger their lives. Even Canada’s plan to provide a new refugee program for only 15,000 asylum seekers is a slap in the face and is no substitute for both countries to honor their humanitarian commitments to offer asylum to all those who need it. President Biden cannot continue to shirk his responsibilities and take pages out of the xenophobic Republican playbook for political gain—he must honor his promise to protect asylum seekers by welcoming them with open arms.”