Biden Announces Plans to Expand Humanitarian Parole While Limiting Border Crossings, NYIC Condemns Hypocritical Plan

New York, NY—Today, the Biden administration announced plans to limit migrants from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Haiti who enter the United States to 30,0000 each month under humanitarian parole, while expelling those who attempt to cross the border. The New York Immigration Coalition denounces these plans, which will cruelly favor asylum seekers with family connections and financial privilege, and demands the expansion of additional protections for asylum seekers.

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition:

“President Biden’s plan to expel those who attempt to cross the border, announced earlier today, is an attack on the humanitarian values and obligations of the United States. This plan needlessly endangers the lives of those crossing the border in search of basic freedom in our country, and succumbs to the fearmongering espoused by anti-immigrant conservatives. President Biden must stop the hypocrisy of his immigration policies, and instead proudly stand up for all refugees and asylum seekers as he has always professed to do. As Title 42 continues to be enforced by the Biden administration, cruelly subjecting asylum seekers to violence, this plan is a shameful slap in the face to those seeking safety in the United States. Rather than limiting humanitarian parole for just a select few with family connections and financial privilege, the Biden administration must expand additional protections for all asylum seekers, so that our country can fulfill its humanitarian obligations and provide opportunity and freedom for all.”