Immigrant Advocates Denounce Opening of Randall’s Island Tent Camp

New York, NY–Today, the Randall’s Island “Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Center” opened to house new asylum seekers arriving in New York City. The New York Immigration Coalition strongly denounces the decision to house asylum seekers in tent encampments in this mass transit desert, and demands Mayor Adams utilize alternative housing options to meaningfully protect new arrivals.

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition said:

“The decision to open the Randall’s Island tent camp today is a stain on our city's rich history of welcoming immigrants and is morally reprehensible. By confining new asylum seekers to isolated tents, vulnerable to inclement weather and removed from critical social services, the Adams administration has failed in its duties to protect and integrate the newest arrivals to our city. To continue ignoring the calls from advocates and other city officials to utilize alternative and more appropriate housing options, and instead begin implementing this dangerous plan, Mayor Adams has compromised New York City’s status as a beacon of hope. Mayor Adams must immediately halt any future plans to use or expand tents around our city, and instead prioritize the use of underutilized buildings to house new asylum seekers and intensely work to decompress the NYC Shelter system by providing permanent housing to our unhoused neighbors.”