Immigrant Advocates Slam Texas Gov For Busing Migrants to NYC As Callous Political Ploy

New York, NYToday, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas announced that he sent asylum seekers by bus to New York City. Since April 2022, Texas has sent over five thousand asylum seekers by bus to Washington, D.C., many of whom have continued their journey to New York City. As a result, New York has seen an uptick of new asylum seekers, in a few short months, in need of shelter and other services. 

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition:

“Texas Governor Greg Abbott continues to prove he’s a cold-hearted publicity-seeking bigot, bent on bolstering his polling numbers no matter who pays the cost for it. In this case, it’s vulnerable asylum seekers who have been dragged into his games of political retribution. His callousness has real consequences, and hurts the individuals and families who have come to the United States fleeing persecution, violence and climate disaster as they are lawfully entitled to do. This crisis is self-manufactured and puts vulnerable immigrant families in the crossfire. The New York Immigration Coalition will continue to work with NYS Governor Hochul, NYC Mayor Eric Adams and the NYC City Council to ensure that everyone who makes their way to our city is able to transition and integrate successfully. Greg Abbott may not value the safety and well-being of newcomer immigrant families, but New York always has and always will be a welcoming city for all immigrants.”