NYC Comptroller’s Report Reveals $710M Annually in Economic Benefits of Expanding Healthcare to Immigrant NYers

New York, NY—Today, New York City Comptroller Brad Lander unveiled his office’s analysis of the economic benefits of Coverage for All, finding that passing the proposed state legislation (A880A/S1572A) would provide $710 million in estimated economic benefits annually while increasing health care access for undocumented New Yorkers. Comptroller Lander’s report comes after the inclusion of $345 million for Coverage for All in the New York State Assembly and Senate’s one-house budget resolutions.

"As New York continues to rebuild from this pandemic, we must make sure every New Yorker has access to affordable health insurance coverage, regardless of immigration status, to ensure the long-term stability and well-being of the state,” said Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition. “Today's report from Comptroller Brad Landers' office proves that by including #Coverage4All in the final budget, New York State can reap more than $700 million in annual benefits, including $19M in savings for the healthcare system, creating a climate for healthier families, a stronger workforce, and stable communities. Governor Hochul must recognize that our legislative leaders and eight out of ten New Yorkers firmly believe that access to quality healthcare shouldn't depend on immigration status. Anything less than Coverage for All shortchanges New York State’s health and economic recovery.”

Becca Telzak, Deputy Director of Make the Road New York, said, “The report released by NYC Comptroller reinforces what we have known all along: coverage for all New Yorkers makes sense for patients, providers, and our communities. Everyone, regardless of immigration status, deserves access to healthcare, and this year our state has the crucial opportunity to expand health insurance coverage to over 150,000 low-income New Yorkers. Coverage for all will help increase life expectancy, help reduce out-of-pocket costs and bring us one step closer to improving our health care system. We call on Governor Hochul and the legislature to prioritize health care access for all immigrants by including Coverage for All in the final state budget.”