Growing Together: Family-Centered Two Generation Approaches in New York State

As the COVID-19 crisis has made startlingly clear, the success of immigrant parents and their children are inseparably linked. Providing holistic support for immigrant students and their parents through the two generation approach to education and service delivery empowers immigrant families to learn together—and is of urgent importance, as younger students are already being left behind with the move to remote learning and parents are struggling to maintain a safe and stable environment.

In Spring and Summer of 2019, the NYIC held a series of convenings across New York State to assess the strengths and barriers to a two generation approach to education. These convenings, along with a series of one-on-one interviews with community based providers, yielded an analysis of how the two generation approach is currently being used statewide, what barriers exist around the creation and implementation of two generation programs, and a series of recommendations to support building out these programs in the future.

Our report outlines three policy recommendations to support immigrant families across New York State, while best utilizing the preexisting structures our community based organizations already have.

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