Advocates Applaud New York’s Move to Ensure Undocumented New Yorkers Can Access Emergency Medicaid Coverage for COVID-19 Testing, Evaluation and Treatment

New York, NY-Yesterday, the New York State Department of Health announced that all low-income immigrants, regardless of immigration status, would have access to COVID-19 testing, evaluation, and treatment as services covered by Emergency Medicaid - a key plank of the NYIC's New York United platform. The State’s move came the same day that President Trump signed an economic stimulus package that excluded many immigrants from economic or health relief.

In response, Steve Choi Executive Director of the New York Immigration Coalition, issued the following statement:

“Thank you Governor Cuomo for heeding our calls to safeguard the health of more New Yorkers during this global pandemic. Now, we can be sure that all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status, will have access to testing, evaluation and care and that no one will be turned away from seeking care. In this pandemic, this keeps all of us safer, as our health is only as good as our most vulnerable neighbor’s. Expanding coverage is not only the smart thing to do to stop the spread of coronavirus across New York State, but keeps New York united in this time of crisis.”