BREAKING: Immigrant Advocates & Plaintiff Respond to SCOTUS Decision on Census Citizenship Question Case

June 27th, 2019

New York Immigration Coalition Responds to decision to block the citizenship question in the 2020 Census

New York, NY– Today, the Supreme Court of the United States announced its decision to block the inclusion of the citizenship question in The Department of Commerce v. New York State et al. and remanded the case to the lower courts.

Steve Choi, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition and plaintiff in The Department of Commerce v. New York State et al. said:

“Today’s Supreme Court decision to block the citizenship question and send the case back to the lower courts is a victory for immigrants, communities of color, and our democracy. We have always known that the Trump administration’s inclusion of the question was designed to deny immigrant rich states access to our fair share of federal funding and political power. But the fight is not over, which is why we’ll continue to fight this administration's attacks on our immigrant communities in the courts, in the legislature, and in the streets.”

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