The NYIC Immigration Advocacy (IA) team works closely with our Immigration Advocacy Collaborative to push for comprehensive immigration reform and to expand the rights of immigrant New Yorkers. We mobilize our members and allies to challenge lawmakers to create a fair New York, with opportunity and justice for all.

  • The IA program coordinates the NYIC's rapid response actions, including the 20,000+ person march in Battery Park within 48 hours of President Trump signing the Muslim/refugee ban.
  • The IA program works in partnership not only with immigration focused groups, but also intersectional allies on federal and state immigration advocacy.
  • The IA program engages in both defensive and offensive advocacy and mobilizing work.

Featured Stories and Campaigns

No Safe Habor Report, 2020

The New York Immigration Coalition, in partnership with Brooklyn Law School’s Safe Harbor Clinic and the Immigrant Advocates Response Collaborative, ...

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Green Light NY: Driving Together

The NYIC is leading a statewide campaign to make driver’s licenses available to all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status. Partnering with our ...

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