Advocates Condemn Executive Action, Urge Biden to Prioritize Humanitarian Solutions for Asylum Seekers

New York, NY—Today, President Biden signed an executive action limiting access to asylum at the U.S. southern border once the seven-day average of people crossing between ports of entry exceeds 2,500. This policy will go into effect immediately. The new measure will result in a temporary closure of the U.S. southern border to many people seeking safety, absent exceptional circumstances. Numerous individuals and families will be subject to expulsion, which will force them to return to the possibility of harm.

Murad Awawdeh, President and CEO, New York Immigration Coalition:

“President Biden's reckless executive action is a political stunt that turns our back on our humanitarian obligations and is a stain on our nation. The President continues to bend like a reed in the wind regarding our nation's commitment to refuge and safety. This executive action will harm many families and individuals, and do nothing to advance what this country needs most—an orderly and reformed immigration system that works for all communities to secure lives with dignity, opportunity, and shared welcome. Viable and smart solutions aren't hard to find but the political will to act with courage is. It’s not too late for the Biden Administration and Congress to provide real proposals that invest in safe and legal immigration pathways, address the root causes compelling people to seek refuge, and work in coordination with regional governments and civil society to strengthen humanitarian protection systems.”