New DHS Immigration Court Docket Harm Asylum Seekers with Expedited Removals

New York, NY—Today, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice announced the finalization of a new rule that solidifies the “Recent Arrivals” (RA) Docket process aimed at reducing the time it takes to decide the fates of newly arrived asylum seekers in immigration courts from years to an estimated six months.

The Recent Arrivals (RA) Docket will impact single adult asylum seekers who have recently entered the United States and are destined for five specific cities—Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City—will have their cases ruled on by immigration judges within the goal of 180 days.

This rule would impact people who have fled political and humanitarian turmoil in their home countries, potentially leading to unfair deportation without adequate due process.

Murad Awawdeh, President and CEO, New York Immigration Coalition:
“This is yet another escalation of the restrictions the Biden Administration has made on access to asylum, limiting people's ability to access safety fairly, instead of delivering meaningful solutions. An expedited process cannot come at the expense of due process or a fair consideration of an individual’s asylum claim, which could lead to wrongful deportations and place lives at risk. The Biden Administration must reconsider this and other proposed new rules and processes limiting asylum, designed only to score cheap political points, rather than create the long-term benefits of a fair and efficient immigration system which will pay dividends to our economy and our communities.”