Adams Budget Doesn’t Go Far Enough in Restoring Funding to Support Immigrant NYers

New York, NY—Today, Mayor Eric Adams released his $111.6 billion FY25 Executive Budget

Murad Awawdeh, President and CEO, New York Immigration Coalition:

“Although Mayor Adams is willing to acknowledge contributions immigrant communities have made to our city, he consistently chooses shortsighted fiscal policies that will impoverish and divide us. Citing the efficacy of his 30- and 60-day shelter limits, Adams callously took an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ position towards our newest arrivals, falsely claiming ‘reducing headcount’ had no negative impact on the families in need. It’s this kind of penny wise and pound foolish planning that will lead to more people living on the streets and more kids missing school. Our city needs to invest in permanent housing to help families on the road to self-sufficiency by expanding CityFHEPS housing vouchers to New Yorkers regardless of immigration status.

“We call on the City to continue to build on the restorations in the Executive budget for language access, early childhood education and secure continuing funding for key programs that serve our communities such as Promise NYC, to ensure our youngest children have a safe place to be while their families go to work, and the immigrant family communication and outreach initiative. The City Council must stand strong in their commitment to all New Yorkers, and get this year’s budget back on the right track to ensure that this city can continue to be a place where all hardworking families can thrive.”