Immigrant Advocates Disappointed by DHS Spending Bill, Urge Congress to Protect Immigrants

New York, NY—Today, Congress released its framework for the Fiscal Year 2024 funding bill, allocating $1.2 trillion for the Department of Homeland Security. 

The spending proposal makes clear that the GOP leveraged their power to exact some concerning concessions when it comes to aid to localities and detention and border enforcement. These proposed policies include increased funding for ICE’s surveillance and enforcement initiatives, expansion of detention beds, and recruitment of additional border patrol agents along the southern border.   

Murad Awawdeh, President and CEO, New York Immigration Coalition:
“We are disappointed that the $1.2 trillion spending bill released by Congress this week includes a number of anti-immigrant proposals that will not only hurt the vulnerable people seeking safety at our border, but also those who are attempting to integrate into their new homes. In particular, the nearly 20% reduction to the Shelter and Services Program outlined in this proposal means that cities like New York will face ongoing challenges in providing food and shelter for new arrivals, while Republicans like Gov. Greg Abbott continues to play politics with their lives. The proposals do little to improve the efficiency of our immigration system and even less to ensure that we can adequately support asylum seekers in our communities. We urge the Senate to reverse course, and increase aid to localities to ensure that cities like New York can continue to welcome asylum seekers with dignity.”