Immigrant Advocates Denounce President Biden’s Proposed Anti-Immigrant Executive Order

New York, NY—Today, a recent report revealed the Biden Administration is considering taking immediate action to alleviate pressure at the southern border, directly impacting asylum seekers and immigrant communities. 

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition:

“What is needed now more than ever from the Biden administration is to ensure that any border security executive actions protect due process for asylum seekers and provide resources for a fair, efficient and humane asylum system. The cruel measures being proposed collectively create a government mandated asylum ban, which even Border officials contend will only create more chaos at the southern border, while failing to address the real issue at hand. Our nation has an obligation to uphold its commitment to its humanitarian values and ensuring the safety of all communities seeking protection within our borders. We call on the Biden Administration to abandon this cruel proposed plan and immediately invest in strategic, humane actions that will help secure our border and provide fair treatment for asylum seekers."