Immigrant Advocates Applaud Passage of Stopgap Bill, Urge Washington to Prioritize Long Term Solutions

New York, NY—Today, Congress approved the stopgap funding bill, once again avoiding a potential government shutdown. The signed measure will keep the government temporarily funded at the current spending level for two more months, with different expiration dates: March 1st for federal agencies and March 8th for others. 

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition:

“Rather than achieving a long-term solution to properly fund the country’s government, MAGA Republicans continue to obstruct any meaningful proposal, forcing Congress to resort to short-term solutions, providing only temporary relief for Americans. It is crucial for leadership in Washington to continue to oppose MAGA Republicans’ inhumane and dangerous proposals aimed at gutting the country's asylum system and ending our humanitarian commitment to being a safe harbor for those fleeing persecution and violence. Washington must invest in humane and effective policies to not only alleviate pressure at the border but to also  create pathways to legalization and permanence for newly arrived asylum seekers and established immigrant communities.”