Immigrant Advocates Outraged at Anti-Immigrant Draconian Proposals in Supplemental Budget

New York, NY—Today, sources revealed that the Biden administration and Congress are considering moving forward with new restrictions on the United States asylum system, including an expanded deportation process to be included in the supplemental funding bill to Ukraine, due to GOP pressure and threats to derail the process.

This revelation comes at a time amid ongoing Senate negotiations on immigration, resulting in a deadlock for Washington leaders, impeding any progress. 

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition:

“Trading humanitarian values for MAGA Republicans’ extremist agenda goes against the core values of the American people and our country. The Biden administration is heading towards a path that will have lasting consequences, establishing a more restrictive immigration system within the United States and reversing the changes that immigrant advocates have fought for in support of immigrant communities. Leadership must resist any last-minute immigration policy changes. Instead, we urge leaders in Congress and the Senate to champion safer, humane, and inclusive reforms that will alleviate and provide support for newly arrived asylum seekers and established immigrant communities. It is crucial for our country to uphold and enhance its legal immigration system and oppose any measures to the contrary.”