Immigrant Advocates Slam Washington’s Inaction on Immigration Reform, Call for Real Solutions

New York, NY— Late last night, on the verge of another potential government shutdown, President Joe Biden approved the House and the Senate’s temporary spending bill. The signed measure will keep the government funded at the current spending level for two more months, with different expiration dates: January 19th for federal agencies and February 2nd for others. 

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition:

“President Biden and Congress’s temporary spending measure will allow the country’s federal agencies to continue their work into the early new year, but the fight to prevent MAGA Republicans from incorporating additional funding for extremist border security and their efforts to gut asylum continues. We need the federal government to create more pathways for entry, designate and redesignate TPS, invest in frontline communities to actually address migrant needs, provide resources to encourage collaborative solutions from all levels of government, and to stop pitting asylum seekers from different countries against each other. Additionally, we must stop pouring money into ineffective border security that does nothing to address the needs of migrants, who are facing persecution and violence in their home countries, which instead subjugates them to new dangers at our Southern border. New Yorkers demand Washington pass meaningful immigration reform, and deliver real  assistance to support immigrants, migrants, and asylum seekers. The immigrant communities that built our city, state and country deserve better."