Biden’s Asylum Transit Ban Fails Humanitarian Duty, Immigrant Advocates Denounce Plan

New York, NYToday the Biden administration published their proposed “Asylum Transit Ban” rule, which would block asylum applications from asylum seekers who traveled through third countries en route to the United States but did not apply for asylum. The New York Immigration Coalition denounces this proposed rule, which favors more affluent asylum seekers and needlessly excludes others from the United States, and urges the Biden administration to expand protections for all asylum seekers.

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition:

“A just, humane immigration system is an important and necessary part of a healthy democracy and a growing economy. However, the Biden administration’s proposed ‘Asylum Transit Ban’ rule is a blatant and ruthless attack on our humanitarian obligations and the children and families seeking refuge from violence and persecution in our country. The transit ban cruelly favors wealthier asylum seekers coming to the United States via air travel over those who travel by foot to seek asylum at our borders. These unnecessary and arbitrary exclusions privilege some asylum seekers over others on the basis of wealth, and is a shockingly inhumane proposal from the Biden administration. Despite campaign promises to deliver solutions for our immigration system, President Biden is instead reviving discriminatory Trump-era policies that endanger people and undermine one of our proudest traditions as a welcoming nation by recycling a policy that never had a place in America’s future. The Biden administration must end this policy once and for all but also work with Congress to reform the asylum system so it is fair, efficient and has integrity.”