After Relentless Organizing by Essential Workers and Advocates, Governor Cuomo Signs NY HERO Act Into Law

NEW YORK, NY – After relentless organizing and pressure from essential workers and advocates, Governor Cuomo signed the NY HERO Act into law, which passed with bipartisan support in the New York State Assembly and Senate. Over the past few months, support for this common-sense and bipartisan legislation has grown as the NY Essential Workers Coalition ran a highly disciplined, focused, and strategic campaign to win.

Immigrant Advocates, Unions, and Federal Elected Representatives Stand Together on May Day to Push for Bold, Immigrant and Workers’ Rights Agenda

New York, NY-Today, the May Day New York Coalition called on Washington to deliver a bold immigrants' and workers’ rights agenda. Standing in solidarity, essential workers, advocates, union members, and elected leaders demanded a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrant workers and their families, as well as the rights of workers to organize and work in dignity without fear of retaliation and discrimination.