Immigrant Concerns Training Institute (ICTI)

The NYIC's Immigrant Concerns Training Institute (ICTI) provides trainings to attorneys and organizations to promote effective immigration legal services. The institute offers both Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and non-CLE trainings, in addition to trainings related to obtaining Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) accreditation. To view the ICTI training calendar, please click here.

NYIC member organizations can enjoy the following benefits related to the ICTI:

Training Discount

Member Organization Representatives Training Fee
Attorneys & BIA accredited staff $25 (50 - 62% off)
Free for ONA-sponsored trainings*
Non-attorney & non-BIA accredited staff $30 (45 - 57% off)
Free for ONA-sponsored trainings*

*ONA - New York State Office for New Americans

Technical Assistance

Member organization staff are welcome to contact the ICTI for advice on how to resolve immigration legal questions. Member organizations seeking technical assistance should contact Erica Watson, Immigrant Services Support Training Associate at [email protected].

Need legal assistance?

Call the NYS Immigration Hotline at 1-800-566-7636 or view our directory of service providers here