Court Again Blocks Trump Administration From Cutting Short 2020 Census Count

New York, NY—On Friday morning, US District Judge Lucy Koh ordered the 2020 Census headcount to continue through October 31. Judge Koh’s order came days after Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross’ Twitter directive that October 5 would be the “target end date.” The federal judge viewed the move as a violation of her previous order extending every person's headcount in the United States to October 31. The National Urban League, the lead plaintiffs in the case, filed a motion to compel the government to abide by Judge Koh’s original ruling. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals currently has an emergency stay motion before it.

In response to Judge Koh’s order, Meeta Anand, the Census 2020 Senior Fellow for the New York Immigration Coalition, issued the following statement.

“Despite what the White House officials believe, you can’t Tweet your way out of following a direct court order. Thanks to Judge Koh’s order, we have 29 more days to complete the 2020 Census—for now. New York must use every precious minute, hour, day, and week to ensure all New Yorkers—regardless of legal status, age, or country of origin—are counted. Congress must also step up and turn Judge Koh’s order into law and extend both statutory reporting deadlines to ensure the most accurate data possible for redistricting. At stake are trillions of federal dollars and political representation for millions. New Yorkers will need these resources and political power to beat back the COVID-19 pandemic and rebuild an economy reflective of our vibrant and diverse communities.”