Meeting Space

NYIC Conference Room Rental

The NYIC’s conference rooms are available for rental to both NYIC members and non-members. Conference room rentals are subject to availability with NYIC-coordinated and scheduled meetings, workshops, and events taking priority.

Conference Room Rental Amenities

The NYIC has two conference rooms available to rent outside of the NYIC’s main office.

Rooms Available Max Seating Amenities
Medium Conference Room (MCR) 10 Participants
  • Television Display (Connections for PCs available)
  • Dry-erase board
  • Conference Call equipment
  • Meeting table
  • Wireless Access and LAN Access
Large Conference Room (LCR) 35 Participants
  • Television Display (Connections for PCs available)
  • 10 Tables
  • 40 Chairs
  • Conference Call equipment
  • Podium
  • Wireless Access and LAN Access

Conference Room Rental during NYIC Office Hours

The NYIC’s office hours are Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm, except for major holidays and organizational events.

Rooms Available Rental Rates Members Rental Rates Non-Members
Medium Conference Room (MCR) $0 $50
Large Conference Room (LCR) $0 $75

All partners, members or non-members, must sign an agreement to ensure the proper use of the conference room prior to renting. If a fee is associated with the rental, fees must be paid as noted in the agreement and in a timely manner.

Conference Room Rental during Non-Office Hours

Non-NYIC office hours include weeknights, holidays, and weekends. Room rental is not available for rental during organizational events.

Rooms Available Rental Rates Non-Members Rental Rates Members
Medium Conference Room (MCR) $75 $50
Large Conference Room (LCR) $125 $75

Please note that weeknights and weekends require additional utilities and a NYIC staff member to be present during the time of room rental. Room rental is not guaranteed by the NYIC unless a NYIC staff member is available during the requested rental hours.

Room Rental Etiquette

NYIC members and non-members who borrow either conference room must provide a list of attendees prior to the meeting. Guests must set up the conference room before meetings, bring or order own food, and clean up after meetings. If a conference room is rented on weekends (Friday nights, Saturdays, or Sundays), after hours, or on holidays, guests must leave all garbage for disposal by the freight elevator. A final run-through for cleanliness must be completed before leaving and under the supervision of the NYIC staff member present.

To request conference room availability, please contact [email protected]

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