New York’s Promise Package

The NYIC's New York's Promise Package calls for increases to critical investments for our immigrant communities through legal services, literacy education, and refugee integration programs, to be included in the FY21 state budget.

New York is a leader in immigration policies and protections. We must continue to lead by investing in programs that will expand New York's promise to all residents through community programs that achieve the most impactful outcomes for immigrant residents.

Legal Services

  • Increase the amount allocated for immigration legal services to a total of $25 million, from the current $16.4 million, to ensure that New Yorkers facing complex immigration issues have access to legal help as they navigate harsh enforcement policies coming down from Washington.


  • Invest $25 million to fund high-quality, community-based Adult Literacy Education. Adult Literacy Education (ALE) is one of very few sources of funding for community-based English classes (ESOL) and is dramatically under-funded with only 4% of need is currently being met.

Refugee Support

  • Invest $5 million in the New York State Enhanced Services to Refugees Program (NYSESRP). NYSESRP allows refugee resettlement agencies to more fully serve refugees already in their communities, and help attract others to areas that recognize refugees as contributors to population growth and economic revitalization.

Join us to support the New York's Promise Package so we can better serve families through investing in significant legal representation, education and refugee services investments.

For more information, download our one pager here.

COVID-19 Resources

Find resources for immigrant New Yorkers during the COVID-19 pandemic here