Fight Proposed Changes to HUD Rule

On May 10, 2019, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) proposed a new rule that would prohibit mixed status families from using federal housing benefits, including Section 8 programs and public housing. If the rule goes into effect, immigrant families could be forced out of their homes, and face homelessness and instability. This is still a proposed rule and NOTHING HAS CHANGED. The proposed rule was posted in the Federal Register and had a comment period that ended July 10, 2019. NYIC and its member organizations stand alongside immigrant families and will continue to fight the Trump administration’s brutal attacks on some of the most vulnerable communities. Here is additional information about the proposed rule:

  • HUD estimates 55,000 children who are legally eligible for housing benefits would face eviction and potential homelessness. Immigrants in mixed status families can currently receive prorated federal housing benefits, but the proposed rule would require all members of a household to have an eligible immigration status or citizenship in order to live in public housing or receive housing vouchers. Families that include people without eligible statuses will be evicted.
  • The HUD rule proposal is seperate from the Department of Homeland Security’s proposed “public charge” rule changes. For more information about the proposed DHS rule public charge changes, go here.
  • For additional information about the proposed HUD rule, check out the Keep Families Together website.