What We Do

Advocacy and Policy Analysis

The NYIC advocates for laws and policies to improve the lives of immigrants and all New Yorkers, particularly those that live in lower income communities. Among other 2018 initiatives, the NYIC advocates for:

  • Driver’s Licenses for Immigrants (GreenLight Campaign);
  • Low-cost immigration legal services;
  • Immigrant access to vital health services;
  • Immigration enforcement and incarceration reform;
  • Strengthening immigrant language access;
  • Immigrant workers rights; and
  • Improving immigrant access to educational resources like Family Welcome Centers, English Language Learners classes, and academic scholarships.

Development of Immigrant Leadership

The NYIC leverages the political power of immigrant communities by engaging in voter outreach and mobilization for key local, state, and federal elections. The NYIC cultivates a new generation of immigrant civic leaders and community organizers by offering fellowships and several leadership programs.

Community Education

The NYIC provides multilingual informational materials on immigration law, citizenship requirements, school registration, healthcare access, and voting rights. The NYIC also works with ethnic and mainstream media to relay important and often time-sensitive updates to immigrant communities.

Training & Technical Assistance

The NYIC offers annual workshops and presentations on immigration law and other issues that affect immigrants on a daily basis. The NYIC also provides guidance to community groups, advocates, and legal providers on how to better serve their constituents.

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