Request for Proposals

Consultancy - Needs Assessment of NYIC Member Organizations
August 2018

About NYIC
The New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) is an umbrella policy and advocacy organization for nearly 200 groups in New York State. We envision a New York state that is stronger because all people are welcome, treated fairly, and given the chance to pursue their dreams. Our mission is to unite immigrants, members, & allies so all New Yorkers can thrive.  We represent the collective interests of New York’s diverse immigrant communities and organizations and devise solutions to advance them; advocate for laws, policies, and programs that lead to justice and opportunity for all immigrant groups; and build the power of immigrants and the organizations that serve them to ensure their sustainability, to improve people’s lives, and to strengthen our state.

Our organizational values: Inclusive and Representative; Fair & Just; Accountable & Trusted.

The NYIC is seeking to revamp the capacity-building programs we offer for our members to make sure to make sure that we are allocating our limited resources in a way that will have the biggest impact on our members and their sustainability.  We are seeking a consultant to undertake a needs assessment of NYIC members, which are immigrant-led and immigrant-serving organizations throughout New York State, to provide a more in-depth look at the capacity challenges they face to inform this process.  The needs assessment should take place in the fall of 2018 and be complete, with recommendations to the NYIC, by November 2018.

NYIC is proud to have an incredibly diverse membership, representing over 160 languages spoken, engaged in a wide range of types of activities, and with different goals and expectations of NYIC membership.     

Our members:

  • Are based across the  state, with a majority in New York City but growing numbers in other regions.  It is important to us to be mindful of emerging needs as we work to fulfill our mission to serve the entire state and expand our reach outside of NYC

  • Range from small, volunteer-run organizations to multi-million dollar institutions, with varying levels of organizational capacity. They include community-based organizations (CBOs), advocacy organizations, legal service providers, social service providers, libraries, educational institutions, labor unions, and more

  • Join the NYIC for different reasons including but not limited to engaging in coalition-based advocacy and integration campaigns and obtaining access to exclusive financial, human and professional development resources.

The NYIC is seeking to support the long-term sustainability of our members and the immigrant-led and -serving landscape as a whole. At the same time, as we and our members have increasingly been called on to engage in rapid response work in the present political climate, we also have a keen interest in lifting up our members’ capacity to do rapid response in the here and now.

Our current capacity-building activities include:

  • Regrants: providing small grants to member organizations to support their direct services and advocacy work. NYIC prioritizes raising funds for egrants and issues RFPs to members when we have funds available

  • Americorps VISTA: placing AmeriCorps paraprofessionals in member organizations throughout the state.  Host organizations are chosen through a competitive selection process. VISTAs work on capacity building projects (e.g., communications, community outreach/education, fundraising, program development/coordination, volunteer management)

  • Immigrant Concerns Training Institute: has historically provide training on immigration law and law-related topics, currently expanding to train on other topics with a particular focus on direct service providers

  • Member Convenings: regular meetings of member organizations to explore and make collaborative plans around various campaigns and/or issues

  • Technical Assistance: technical guidance/assistance to legal service and other direct service providers.

Project Overview
NYIC is seeking proposals from consultants to help us evaluate the capacity needs of our member organizations and how we can strategically allocate our resources to address them.  We envision that the consultant will perform the following tasks:

  • Survey the NYIC’s member organizations to assess their needs. (We have prepared a draft but would like consultant input before finalizing, and are open to different approaches)

  • Interviews with key member organization staff who lead their organization  (e.g. executive directors or staff in charge of administration) and/or regularly interface with the NYIC

  • Interviews with key NYIC staff who interface with members

  • Interviews with a few outside experts including funders and representatives or other coalition-based member organizations

  • Report summarizing the findings and making recommendations to the NYIC for how we can best support our members with addressing their needs and participating in our mission.

We are also open to receiving proposals that follow a different process if potential consultants have other ideas of how to best go about this.

We would like to launch the needs assessment in September 2018 and complete it as quickly as possible, given that we are waiting to hire for a crucial staff role after we review the recommendations.

Application Process
Interested consultants should submit a proposal specifying:

  • Your qualifications

  • The process you would employ

  • Timeline for the project

  • Fee

Applications should be submitted to [email protected] by Friday, September 7, 2018.

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